Personalization feature

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Facebook Ads has become 4x more expensive because of the Apple iOS update. Now you need to target more broad.

So how can you fix this?
You need to use your own data to personlize the landing page and popup experiences for your audiences. By being more relevant your conversion rates will skyrocket. Regarding to MarketingCharts your conversion rate can easily double by adding personalisation to your campaigns.

How it works in FastPages?

  1. Create audience based upon UTM parameters and stored data like quiz answers
  2. Connect it to landing page sections or to popups.
  3. Publish it. Based upon first party cookie the sections and popups will appear.
  4. Analyse how personalization is increasing your conversion rates compared to your original landing page sections.

10 months ago

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5 months ago

Vincent Huygens

use this in combination with dynamic fields. If for example they give their name, so you have the possibility to use that data and use their name on your website.

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6 months ago

Bhadresh Das

Hi Koen , Could you make a video of this and share? This is would be super useful.

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Peter T'Hooft

Would it be an idea to have the possibility to import data beforehand into the leads database? Then via the UTM-parameter (using the email address as the identifier) this data could be filled into the form fields, content, etc.

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That's an interesting idea. I would rather connect with a third party tool for this. I will discuss with dev team.

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9 months ago

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10 months ago

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